White Fuzz on Mushroom stem – Safe to eat or should I throw it away?

In most cases, white fuzz on the stems of mushrooms is perfectly safe to eat. It is the fungal mycelium from the mushroom that has begun to grow. This usually happens, when you store mushrooms in warm or humid conditions. If you have any doubts, cut off any suspicious parts of the mushrooms.

There are cases when you SHOULD NOT eat fuzzy growth that occurs on mushrooms. These are:

  • If the growth is gray, cobwebby, or hairy. This could be cobweb mold, which is not recommended for consumption. While it is not poisonous, it could cause digestive issues.
  • If the growth is colorful and not pure white.
  • If the mushrooms have any unpleasant odors.
  • If the mushrooms have become soggy, translucent, and begun to decompose.

Mushrooms should be SAFE to eat as long as:

  • The growth is white and fuzzy.
  • The mushroom has no unpleasant odors.
  • The mushrooms still look fresh and vital.

Remember, if you see actual mold on the outside of mushrooms, then it’s penetrated the inside of the tissues as well. Just to be safe, cut off any parts with external mold plus a couple of extra inches.

Important: There are also some mushroom species that naturally have white fuzz on their stems. 

What is Cobweb Mold?

Cobweb mold is the common name for a variety of fungi that exhibit cobweb-like structures. They are also known as “spider-web mold”. They are gray, hairy, and often grow on certain fungi.

What happens if you eat moldy Mushrooms?

You will be fine. In most cases, you will not feel any negative symptoms. Worst case, you may get an upset stomach or other digestive issues. If you are feeling seriously ill, contact your primary care physician.


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  1. Hi,
    Twice in a row now, I’ve bought brownmushrooms (champignons) in the supermarket which have a white fuzz on top of the brown cap. The packaging is cardboard wrapped in cling film or plastic. I keep reading that the mycelium is safe to eat, which is clear, but most articles mention this growth only in the stem. I have small, white, fuzzy spots on the cap and have already discarded one package. I don’t remember seeing this before. Can the normal mycelium really start growing again on top of the caps? I’m a bit unsure. Thanks for any input.


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